DCM Abogados was created with the firm desire to form a team of excellent professionals characterized by having a high level legal education and the same vision of how we should develop our work. We all have similar profiles, being among us lawyers who have studied various legal degrees, have prepared different examinations and have done Postgraduate Masters in prestigious institutions such as the Instituto de Empresa or ICADE. Furthermore, some of us collaborate assiduously in some of the aforementioned institutions forming part of the legal courts that examine recently graduated or limited experience colleagues

We work with the vocation to give the best of ourselves for the benefit of our clients, treating absolutely all professional commissions entrusted to us as if they were specific to each one of us, striving to obtain the best possible result for our clients. Our desire is to work with the purpose of giving them the best service. And that’s what we do.

In our proceedings, judicial or extrajudicial, we take into consideration not only the legal aspects that every good professional must know, but also all those circumstances and nuances that occur in each case, or that require the exclusive needs of each client, and that only with a personalized treatment can the best result be achieved. In this way, dedicating all the time that is necessary to each client, we get them to value and appreciate our work because they see in it our effort and dedication. We want our work to give them assurance in those actions that they intend to carry out, in those projects they want to face or in those difficult situations that we sometimes have to live

As a result of all this, and we are very proud to be able to say it, a large part of our clients, many of them and friends, have consolidated their relationship -both personal and professional- with us, giving us their trust and loyalty. We are here with only one objective: to help you.