Company Law

The Firm has a team specialized in corporate matters. As a result of this specialization, several of our clients have entrusted us with the Secretary of the Board of Directors of their companies, ensuring compliance with the legal obligations of their directors and advisors, supporting their administrative bodies in commercial matters that they require, preparing the Boards of Directors and the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Meetings of Members, as well as raising to public the adopted social agreements and making representations before the Mercantile Registry and other administrative bodies.

Among our most frequent cases in this area are the assumption of the Secretary of the Board of Directors of the company, the analysis and prevention of responsibilities of managers and directors, assistance to General Meetings of Members in defense of the interests of our clients, intervention and negotiation in conflicts between partners, challenging social agreements, filing lawsuits against companies and their administrators or directors and applying the doctrine of lifting the veil of legal personality between companies as well as between them and their administrators and / or partners .