Civil Law

The firm is aware that people are our priority. Therefore, our professional team has a solid legal education in Civil Law, that is, the set of principles and legal norms governing the daily relationships of individuals and private entities.

In DCM lawyer we advise our clients creating or investing in business project, drafting contract, sailing your primary residence or your business’s place, dunning, and any other problems that may arise managing your family’s assets or your business’s assets.

We advise our clients from individuals to private companies, solving problems that may arise both internally (its relationship to third parties) and externally (conflicts between partners of a company, cooperative membership or community owners). We also advise on legal proceeding against banking entities or against claims for damages suffered in traffic accidents, construction defects, etc.

We are aware of the concerns of our clients about the family’s future. Therefore, we advise our clients in drafting wills regulating the transmission of assets and rights.

The firm advises our clients providing grants for the children, grandchildren, spouse etc.

We intervene in very complex hereditary procedures either the plurality of heirs or by the existence of different interest arise disputes that require specialized legal advise in this area.

And eventually, we serve our clients in their personal affairs with constant effort and dedication thanking the trust they place us. We are always close to our client in hard times, advising them in separation or divorce, settlement or modification of matrimonial action or modification of parent-child (settlements for non-marital relationships, modification of arrangements etc).